Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statistics and Metrics in Oman

Oman Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases

122,579  (+0 today)

Oman Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deaths

1,391  (+0 today)

Oman Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recovered


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation in Oman

How many confirmed coronavirus cases are there in Oman?
There have been 122,579 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Oman so far.

How many coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths have there been in Oman?
There have been 1,391 deaths related to COVID-19 in Oman so far.

How many patients have recovered in Oman?
There are 113,856 patients in Oman that have recovered from the virus.

Oman Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases

Oman Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deaths

Oman New Cases Per Day

Oman New Deaths Per Day